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Wheelchair users and people with reduced functional capacity or impaired balance need to live a healthy and active life just like everyone else. Regrettably, several studies show that people with physical disabilities get more lifestyle diseases and are generally more overweight. The development of health-promoting initiatives targeted at these individuals is therefore extremely important to help people with disabilities maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Without access to traditional physical activity, how can you exercise in everyday life, set goals for your training and track the result?

MoveChair is a free mobile app that motivates people with reduced physical ability to increase physical activity in everyday life through fun and effective seated training. Sit down, get comfortable and let MoveChair guide you through a targeted selection of professionally developed workouts designed to keep you fit.

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Train when you want and where you want!

According to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) recommendations for physical activity, everyone should be physically active at moderate intensity for at least 150 minutes per week (or 75 minutes at high intensity). In addition, it is recommended to include both strength and cardio training in one's physical activity. 

MoveChair comes complete with seated workouts, programs and training plans that include both strength and cardio training designed to help keep you physically active. Explore a wide range of fun and exciting training parameters that can provide insight into your progress. Take part in exciting challenges with both short- and long-term goals. Challenge yourself in new areas and optimize your results. Become more physically active, achieve weight loss, strengthen your muscles - we all have our own goals! MoveChair makes it possible to set your own goals for the training and track the progress.

Detailed and instructive training avatar

See how your muscles work during training!

MoveChair's training avatar is based on simulations of detailed body models, which show how your muscles work during training. Using intuitive coloring of the muscle activity, you can see how individual muscle activations vary from low (green) to high activity (red). Learn how your muscles work during your favorite workout!

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