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Through years of experience in building and analyzing detailed models of the human body, AnyBody Technology A/S has developed MoveChair. MoveChair is a mobile app that facilitates fun and effective seated training, enabling everyone to enjoy physical activity in their everyday life. AnyBody Technology is a spin-off from Aalborg University, and was founded in 2002 with the help of NOVI Innovation, now Borean Innovation. AnyBody Technology has from day one developed unique simulation software for analysis and simulation of the human musculoskeletal system. The software is a groundbreaking technology that can analyze and simulate how the body is affected by everyday activities and thereby help optimize and eliminate the loads on the body in many different areas and in industries worldwide.

Maintenance of the human body is a priority for many, and for more and more of us, physical activity has become a regular part of everyday life. We are able to plan our everyday life to include indoor and outdoor exercise activities, and the technological development is constantly increasing the possiblities to track our training results via various activity devices. Wheelchair users and people with reduced functional capacity or impaired balance need an active and healty lifestyle like everyone else. Regrettably, several studies show that people with physical disabilities are more prone to lifestyle diseases and are generally more overweight. It is estimated that Europe alone has 5 million wheelchair users and an even greater number of people in the elderly segment, whose balance is impaired. That is why the development of health-promoting initiatives targeted at these segments is so important to help people with disabilities maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. How can you count ”steps” as a wheelchair user and achieve the recommended 10000 steps a day? Or how can you set goals for your exercise and track the result?

These are the exact questions the development of the MoveChair health app revolves around. The MoveChair project is funded by Bevica Fonden, a foundation that strives to make a difference for people with mobility impairments. Seated training is ideal for anyone who is challenged on balance or generally has difficulty with traditional physical activity. Exercising while you are sitting down can get your heart rate up, improve your fitness and increase your muscle strength. Sit down, get comfortable and let MoveChair guide you through a targeted selection of professionally developed workouts with visual and verbal instructions. MoveChair comes complete with seated workouts, programs and training plans, which are designed to help you stay in good shape, when you want and where you want. Sign up for our predefined workouts, or select, plan and follow your own programs while enjoying our instructional videos and verbal instructions. Analyze and keep track of your progress, exactly as you would with other health apps – and then again not quite. MoveChair´'s innovative analysis module is based on AnyBody Technology's many years of experience with musculoskeletal simulation and analysis, and is founded on a thorough knowledge of the human body and its physiology. We can therefore easily answer questions such as: • Have I used my entire body? • Did I do both cardio training and strength training?

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